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It Begins

"What hath God wrought?"  In the spirit of Enoch Penn Yobright, a tome is writ.  Like the ancient rabbi who wrote the book of God, who debated its meaning in the margins, who discussed the meaning of the words, the placement; so this is a living document of the travels and travails of those who sought the True and Ultimate Meaning.  Note the caps, friends.  This is serious stuff.  So we start by choosing a character; things like over-arching plot and inter-relations between characters will be discovered organically in the process of writing.  Without the fiction of the truth and the truth of the Science, how can we come to know the Truth and Ultimate Meaning unless we trace back through the steps of those who sought it out, for their own reasons, or for no reason at all.  We ask you to bear witness to this process.  It will be tested.  It will be changed.  God, Shiva, Allah, Yahweh, itself will look upon and say, surely, "THOSE WERE EXCELLENT WORDS."  And then surely as It spoke, It will say, "BUT I WOULD'VE CHANGED THE ENDING A BIT."


"Epigraph" by Enoch Penn Yobright

Dirk Isaway and the Hapax Legomen

Karl Echo and the Deadly Sins 

Sophie Echo  

It's So Rare (The Hapax Legomenon)

The Undead Elegist 

The Zombie Conjoined Twins, One of Whom is Narcoleptic

The Possibility

Troy Smithers and Milly Porpentine

The Diagnosis 


Cinder, the Shapeshifting Sorceress (Coming Soon)  

Fawney Mess, the Transvestite Cowboy(Coming Soon)

The Pigmie Vampire(Coming Soon)

The Samurai Pirate(Coming Soon)    


Here are some other suggestions for possible characters if you are interested in participating. 

If you are worried about plot, given that you have chosen a character, always consider the plot lines that are available to you at right.

And here is an incomplete guide to existing characters.

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